Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Titans---a Sims3 Random Legacy


 Welcome to The Titans!



  This is my first attempt at a Sims4 challenge, for the most part, I'll be following these rules here: Sims4 Pinstar Challenge

Edit*--this didn't go anywhere--so I'm going to use the last name and convert it to a Sims3 challenge.  I like Sims4 well enough, it just can't seem to hold my interest long enough to get beyond Gen2!

  I don't play for points, I always forget to keep track of them. :/
Edit*--thankfully, the random legacy really doesn't bother with points...which is good...because despite my best efforts, I am terrible at keeping track of them!!

  Gender Law: Equality (founder can be either sex, and heir can be either sex)

  Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional (only those directly related to founder may be heir, because I enjoy playing with Sims genetics.)

  Heir Law: Living Will (eligible child with the highest friendly relationship score with their previous generation's parent will be named heir---basically---whichever kid the current heir likes the most. XD )
Edit*---blah, blah, blah, I'm gonna ignore that Heir Law thing.  It was trickier in Sims4, when the Sims were constantly losing relationship points.

  Founder: Josephine Titan

  She's a mash of several sims that I have in my CAS bin, I know for sure she has Avendale/Marquel genetics in her, because her "father" is Gerry Avendale---the son of Hanley Avendale and Renard Marquel from another save.  I thought Gerry turned out pretty cute--so I saved him to the bin.

  This is hopefully (!!) going to be more of a play style type of story.  We'll see how long that lasts, lol

  There--this post has been officially edited---let the story begin!!!

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